Read What Badlands TMS Patients Have To Say

We take great pride in helping our patients experience a fulfilling life

I don’t really know when the change happened for me, but I do know by my 23rd session I was feeling no depression at all!!!

TMS has changed my life completely. I am finally at a point in my life where I want to live for myself and I do things a normal 22-year-old should be doing.

If you are struggling with depression, I would definitely suggest giving TMS a try. It will change your life!

Getting TMS treatment has been life changing! It is the first depression treatment that has worked for me! The staff at Badlands are exceptionally compassionate and kind. They know how to work with and inspire people dealing with mental health issues.

This experience has changed my life. Because of TMS, I have more confidence, more genuine relationships, and have the energy and will power to keep trying even when times are tough. I really appreciate the staff and doctors here. Dr. Brown is so great and validating.

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